February 2012

Raving Tans’ response to Christina Aguilera’s Tan-tastrophy!

February 6, 2012

I have seen photos and comments about the mishap of Christina Aguilera’s tan at the Etta James’ funeral. After an amazing performance, her faux tan started to well…melt down her legs… and it sure grabbed the attention of the media! Grabbed my attention too as a spray tan tech!

photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan.com

As many have read this, they might have had some questions arise and fears of could this happen to me?! What about on MY big day?

I’m going to address a few key points, and of course, since Xtina and I are not BFF’s, I won’t know the whole truth on the subject, but I can give you some grand advice as to what possibly went wrong.

First of all, it is entirely possible that Christina was not using a spray tan at all, but faux self tanner that she applied the day of. The problem with these self tanners are that almost all of them contain bronzing ingredients that are meant for one day use only. That means they don’t actually penetrate the skin to have a long lasting tan, but simply fake the look for the time needed and some even wash away in the shower the very same evening, much like make-up, but not waterproof. With that being said, if water washes these fake bronzers away, then you bet sweating would after an amazing performance under some serious lighting on stage.

Another thought is that she might have waited too long and then opted to get a quick spray tan the morning of the performance and was possibly told by a tanning technician, she was fine to forgo the first initial rinse in her case. NO BUENO. Most tanning solutions come with bronzers in them mostly to help tanning technicians to make sure the application process is even and flawless. Very few lines of spray tanning solutions actually offer clear solutions {Raving Tans DOES offer one shade in CLEAR!}. These bronzers are to be rinsed off after 8-10 hours, no sooner in most cases than 6 hours. The first rinse is absolutely necessary to remove the bronzers and set your fabulous tan in place. Lotion should be immediately applied and no soaps, or scrubs should be used during this initial rinse to keep your tan streak free. I NEVER recommend going out the evening of getting your spray tan. This is when the tan is in it’s “high maintenance” phase. Instead, put on those baggy sweats, go home and relax for the evening. You can even tell hubby you are not allowed to do the dishes because the chance of splashing the new tan with water is also something to avoid during this processing period.

My last thought is that Christina may very well have gone and had her spray tan done the day before, but in order to get the desired shade she was going for, the tech may have layered on the solution very thick and the solution may have been one with heavy bronzers to help achieve this look. Some tanning solutions out there actual leave you feeling like you have been dipped in a can of paint. Be careful! In this case more than just one rinse would be needed to ensure all bronzers were gone. Raving Tans always recommends tanning 1-2 days prior to any special event to ensure that your tan has settled and ready for you to be showing it off without the tan making a show out of you! ♥

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